• Dress Up: Get dressed carefully and do not tear too strongly at the material. Please be careful with sharp objects including fingernails and toenails. Liquid latex care products, e.g. silicone based oils help dressing up.

  • Gloss: Most of our products are dispatched slightly powdered to protect the latex. We recommend silicone spray or other latex care products for a high gloss. Apply thriftily and polish with a lint-free cloth. Never polish too much, this lets the sensitive surface get dull.

  • Cleaning: Please clean your garments in handwarm water, using mild liquid soap, shampoo, dish liquid or special latex cleaning agents. Do not leave the latex too long in the water and be careful with the metal drain in bathtub and shower. Rinse out well, so that no cleaning agents remain in the latex. Hang it on a plastic hanger until it is dry on the outside, then turn it inside out until dry on the inside. Talc powder prevents the latex from sticking together and keeps your garments elastic.

  • Storage: Dry and dark, e.g. in a box. Sunlight will cause discolouration. Try to avoid wire hangers, they can leave chafe marks or stretch the latex out of shape. Latex care agents provide an effective protection from UV radiation.

  • Attention: Some household oils, serpents or petroleum jelly can cause serious damage on your latex garments.

  • Discolouration: Metal, greases and perfume can leave discolourations on the latex. Please avoid the contact if possible. Mask zipper and press buttons for a longer storage. Be careful with storing different colours close to each other. Darker colours can mark light colours, especially white and transparent, clothing bags can protect them. 

When you keep a few things in mind, you can enjoy your latex clothing for a long time!

Please let us know, when you have any further questions about latex care!