Latex Stockings for her ++ GLUED QUALITY

Shoe Size (EU)
Small airhole under the heel
Calf Circumference
Thigh Circumference
Inseam (crotch to ankle)
Hip Circumference (widest seat)
Waist Circumference
Waist Height
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Latex Stockings for her ++ GLUED QUALITY

Highly erotic latex tights for her.
With feet.
Available with high or standard waist.
The photo shows white tights with a high waist.
Very flexible.
Manufactured with given measures - item 1130LLT for ladies - item 1240MLT for gents.
We can manufacture the tights with a little airhole under the heel, please make your choice, if you prefer it with or without airhole.
Please contact us when you are not sure how to measure.

0.2-0.3 mm glued latex.
Handmade manufactured.

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Shoe Size (EU)    * Required
Small airhole under the heel    * Required
Calf Circumference    * Required
Thigh Circumference    * Required
Inseam (crotch to ankle)    * Required
Hip Circumference (widest seat)    * Required
Waist Circumference    * Required
Waist Height    * Required
Color    * Required